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Internet explorer: No Google search results

June 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Issue: Recently I had an annoying issue with Internet explorer when searching with the Google engine. I had no results when searching something with Google it just displayed blank results. I had no issue with Chrome or other browsers. First I used Internet explorer 9 and then upgraded to Internet explorer 11 but the issue remained.

Resolution: Disable instant search via or or use the non instant search URL:

I have no idea why exactly Google search stopped working with my Internet explorer but it fixed my issue by disabling instant search. Maybe was my pc not fast enough for Google 🙂



More info:


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Windows 8: VMware Workstation MSI failed

November 10, 2012 4 comments

VMware Workstation 9 on Windows 8 was a struggle for me. The x64 MSI of VMware workstations was always failing with the same error message  ‘vmwareworkstation_x64.msi failed’. I tried cleaning up the temp folder, running the exe with an other account, investigating the msi log, etc..

I ended up in following the 1308KB of VMware. first I tried install cleaner( but this didn’t solve the problem for me. The issue was solved after following the “Manually cleaning a Windows system” steps by deleting specific folders & files and registry keys.

VMware link KB1308

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Windows 8: Start menu fun

November 4, 2012 2 comments

The next video shows the real user experience of the average user. It’s maybe not really appropriate anymore because it was the beta version but it’s funny to watch:

Everyone knows yet that the removal of the classic start menu is a chock for most users. In my opinion it’s a mistake by Microsoft to completely eliminate the classic start menu. There should be at least an option to bring it back to provide some transition to future Windows versions because almost all legacy applications does not run yet in the new Windows 8 user interface but are still running on the desktop.  There are already a lot of third party tools available to bring the classic start menu back like Stardock Start8, Iobit Start Menu 8,..

But no panic, there is another great hidden feature in the new Windows 8 start menu! When you right click on the new Windows 8 User interface you get a very handy menu to access the most important tools in Windows. It’s very handy for IT-pro’s like me, this is really a great enhancement!

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