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SCCM 2007: Use Toolkit Package error 0x800700A1

Still this post is about SCCM 2007 with MDT 2010 integration. You may encounter the following error with the MDT 2010 Tookit package early in the deployment process: Task sequence … has failed with error code 0x800700A1


After searching a while I came across the following solution bescribed in KB2508665

This issue is caused by the default configuration of IIS in Windows Server 2008 blocking the ability to download files that end in the extension .config. The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Update 1 files package created by the Create Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence wizard and used in the Use Toolkit Package contains a file that ends in .config. The file is called OSDResults.exe.config and is located in the Tools\OSDResults directory of the package source files.

The solution here is to modify the IIS applicationHost.config file on the distribution points where your MDT 2010 toolkit package is located. The location of this file is: %Windir%\System32\Inetsrv\Config\

  • Open the applicationHost.config file with notepad
  • Search for file extension “.config” and change it to allowed=”true”
  • Save & Close the file
  • Restart the IIS services

I spend some time on this because I never thought before this could be an IIS issue. Hopefully can this post safe someone else time.

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