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SCCM 2007: Move SMSPKG folder

By default is the SMSPKG folder stored on the C-Drive which can grow a lot overtime when you are using a lot of packages. The SMSPKG folder are pre-packaged content files that are needed for distribution manager to send out content between sites and if you have opted for the option to use compressed source on a package. I faced also disk space problems on the C-Drive due this folder. In this post I will show you how to move this folder safely to another disk without issue. You can face distribution issues if you delete content or just change the location in the SCCM console.

The first option you can do is disable the compressed source feature on all your packages and delete the content but this can be very time-consuming. And the complete content of the packages will be send to the distribution points by a package modification otherwise are just the modifications copied.

My recommendations about this:

  • Change the location in Site name – Site Settings – Component configuration – Software Distribution – Properties


  • Copy all content from the old SMSPKG folder to the newly created folder on the other drive. The folder will be created automatically by SCCM.
  • Get the sharename of the folder on the C-Drive and add this share name on the SMSPKG folder on the new location.


  • Share permissions: Grant everyone read permissions

I think that this is the most easy way to perform this because I have seen solutions by modifying the SQL database. Existing packages still using the SMS_CPSC$ share and new packages will use the SMS_CPSF$ share.

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  1. January 21, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Are you sure about this procedure? There are several publications about moving this folder. Will this be correct?


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