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SCCM 2007: Failed to retrieve site version for the site (0x80004005)

You may receive the underneath error when clients are not able to assign itself to the SCCM 2007 server. It’s a good idea to verify the “LocationServices.log” file in the SCCM log directory on the client side.

SGetSiteVersionFrom AD: Failed to retrieve version for the site ‘ST1’ (0x80004005)

Other similar errors:

Failed to resolve ‘SMS_SLP’ to IP address from WINS
LSGetSLP : Failed resolve SLP from WINS, is it published
LSGetSiteVersionFromSLP : Unable to get the list of SLPs

These errors means that there are issues with Active Directory extension of SCCM or permissions issue on the “System management” container. The other errors are Server Locator Point errors(SLPs); Intranet clients use Active Directory Domain Services as their preferred method to complete site assignment and find management points. However, clients must use a server locator point if the Active Directory schema is not extended for Configuration Manager 2007 or the site is not published to Active Directory Domain Services, or if clients do not belong to the same Active Directory forest as the site server’s forest. Like you can see in the underneath error the client tries first AD and then the SLPs points.

There are five things to check when you use AD services to locate site resource:

  • Extend the Active Directory schema

    Re-run the “ExtADSch.exe” tool which is located in the  setupfolder “SMSSETUP\BIN\i386”
    Verify the log file which is by default located in the root of the C-Drive.


  • Check System Management container

    Make sure that the “System Management” container is created in the System OU. Select View -> “Advanced Features” to view this container.


  • Verify security permissions on the System Management container

    Make sure that the Computer object of the SCCM server has full rights on the “System Management” Container and on all descendant objects.


  • Enable Active Directory publishing for the Configuration Manager site

    In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System CenterConfiguration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / right click the site name / select properties / Advanced. Make sure that “Publish this site in Active Directory Domain services” is selected.


  • Check firewall ports
    Always check if the correct firewall ports are open on the SCCM server / AD server / Client side



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    June 21, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Thank you so much for this info, helped me out a great deal

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