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Quick SQL 2008 R2 Setup for SCCM 2007

In this post I will give you a short overview of the required SQL 2008 R2 features and options for an SCCM 2007 R3 setup. This short tutorial is intended for a local SQL setup on the SCCM 2007 R3 server itself. Only the minimal features are selected because unnecessary features can consume resources and a minimal set of features improve the overall security.

  •   Just start the SQL 2008 R2 setup and start the installation
  •  Select the following features:
    – Database Engine Services
    – Full-Text-Search
    – Reporting Services
    – Management Tools – Basic
    – Management Tools – Complete

  • Select Default Instance

  • Server Configuration:  configure service accounts(local admin rights on the SCCM server)
    – SQL server agent – account + password
    – SQL Database engine – account + password
    – SQL Reporting services – account + password

  • Database engine configuration
    – Windows Authentication
    – Specify SQL Administrators

  •   Reporting Services Configuration
    – Install, but do not configure the report server

  • Complete

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