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OCS 2007 R2 error: Trusted entry breaks FQDN, Port or Version uniqueness constraint.

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In my test environment I was my messing around with multiple OCS servers. While I was finishing the last steps of my Edge server installation on the Front-end were you need to configure the external access for users I ran into an unusual error:

Failure [0xC3F7584A] Trusted entry breaks FQDN, Port or Version uniqueness constraint.

At first sight this seems to be an DNS issue. First I verified everything in DNS but I could not found any misconfiguration, also on the Internet I could not find any info when searching on error “0xC3F7584A”. I spent some time searching through AD into the schema settings and there I discovered that my old pool name was still available. In my test environment was reinstalling everything but I didn’t follow the recommend uninstallation steps from Microsoft. I did not unprep my previous pool from the AD schema extensions. Normally you need to unprep your pool via the lcscmd command:

lcscmd.exe /Domain:poolname /Action:DomainUnPrep
lcscmd.exe /Forest:poolname /Action:ForestUnprep

I investigated via ADSIEDIT my AD schema. The poolname is normally located under: CN=Pools,CN=RTC Service,CN=Microsoft,CN=System.DC=test,DC=local
But my previous pool was already not present anymore, when I looked further into the other folders there were still multiple objects presents with attributes of the old pool name. So I played cowboy on my test environment and deleted all the old schema objects with references to the old pool name.

I deleted all the old objects in the underneath schema folders:

CN=Global Settings,CN=RTC Service,CN=Microsoft,CN=System.DC=test,DC=local
CN=MCU Factories,CN=RTC Service,CN=Microsoft,CN=System.DC=test,DC=local
CN=Trusted MCUs,CN=RTC Service,CN=Microsoft,CN=System.DC=test,DC=local
CN=Trusted Services,CN=RTC Service,CN=Microsoft,CN=System.DC=test,DC=local
CN=Trusted WebComponentsServers,CN=RTC Service,CN=Microsoft,CN=System.DC=test,DC=local

After these actions went the installation fine without the “Trusted entry breaks FQDN, Port or Version uniqueness constraint” error. It’s good to know that error 0xC3F7584A is related to an AD schema issue and that you always need to follow the Microsoft directions 😉

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